The products CITAVERDE Bedrijfsopleidingen can offer you:

  • Orientation TVET courses in Horticulture and livestock production
  • Specialized TVET courses in Horticulture and livestock production
  • Training of trainers programs (TOT)
  • International Project support
  • Online learning tools
  • Study tours and excursions.

These products are always customized to the client’s dividual requirements.

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TVET courses

CITAVERDE Bedrijfsopleidingen offers TVET courses in the fields of Horticulture and Livestock Production, based on lectures, E-learning, practical exercises  and tailored company visits. CITAVERDE Bedrijfsopleidingen is supported in the organization of this training provision by a network of experts.

At your request we also develop tailor-made TVET courses on specific topics. The training is always custom-made to the client’s individual requirements.

Examples of training programs you can find in our catalogue or click on the training below:

Training of Trainers and Extension workers

It is important to realize that any trainer or extension worker needs two separate sets of skills and knowledge. First, they need to know the topic they are teaching (subject matter expertise). Second, they need to know how to transfer that information to the student or farmer (instructional expertise). When instructors are hired to train (adult) students or farmers, they need both of these sets of skills.

International Project support

CITAVERDE Bedrijfsopleidingen has experience in developing and participating in (inter)national projects. Especially in the field of innovation and online learning we have a very good track record. We also participate in projects of other schools or knowledge centers.

Online learning tools

Since 2003 CITAVERDE Bedrijfsopleidingen uses e-learning as an on-line learning tool. We developed a successful blended learning concept which is integrated in the learning process. We developed these projects for our own training purposes but also for other schools or companies. Several online learning tools are translated in other languages. We are flexible in the services which we can offer you.

Study tours and excursions

CITAVERDE Bedrijfsopleidingen also arranges study-tours and excursions. In our region there are many opportunities to plan tours to our schools or partners. Most programs are tailor-made for  groups, duration and planning depend on the wishes of our guests / customers.

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